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Wheel Rim Tubeless SIP Black Polished Edge (aluminium, KBA 50164, valve premounted) (2.10x10) (Lambretta)

Wheel Rim Tubeless SIP Black Polished Edge (aluminium, KBA 50164, valve premounted) (2.10x10) (Lambretta)
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Wheel Rim Tubeless SIP Black Polished Edge (aluminium, KBA 50164, valve premounted) (2.10x10) (Lambretta)

125-200ccm, 2.10-10", black with polished edge, valve premounted

Innovation in style, engineering and security. In cooperation with Jockey_s Boxenstop we have visibly rebuilt the Lambretta rim.
Designed according to the Lambretta original rims, the SIP Tubeless rim has a double-hump, safety bead and a modified bolt-on air valve. The hump on the side of the rim stops the tire coming off the rim during pressure loss. With this innovation you can finally use tires without tubes. In case of a puncture, it is highly unlikely that you will experience a sudden deflation that is typical of a tyre fitted with an inner tube. Instead the air pressure will often decrease far more slowly in a tubeless tyre, which of course makes the scooter easier to control. You will never again have a pinched tube or suffer a valve tearing off the thin rubber walls of an inner tube. Thanks to CNC technology this is a high quality product. Each Wheel goes through an elaborate safety control, first of all a visual check and then a technical control. That is the only way we can provide you with the top quality all the time. In the actual model the air valve is directly screwed in to the rim, this function enables easier service. The rim is currently available in polished aluminium, black, silver and a black version with a polished outer rim. The rim is 2.10 inches which is the same as original. To allow for the deep inner channel in the rim for tyre fitment, Longer hub studs/ bolts are supplied with the rim.  The rims are produced after the ETRTO (European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation) standards for tire and rim productions.
Note: make sure to always check clearance of engine and accessory parts! Please not that because you must fit longer hub studs, some Lambretta hubs may not be suitable to fit these tubeless wheel rims too.
Conclusion: innovative rim, high-quality workmanship, additional security.
Aluminium rim, painted, 10x 2.50 inch, tubeless
Included are 4 longer hub stud/ bolts and two different types of nuts the wrench size is 12 and the air valve Type 1: 4x acorn nuts, classic shape, to be used with the provided U-washers and lock rings. Type 2: 4x hexagonal nut, closed version to be used with screw locker, e.g. Loctite. _FOR RACE USE ONLY_.

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