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Nut Washer Locking Kit SET of 10 (NORD LOCK - M8 mm,  zinc plated) (For SIP Tubeless Wheel Rims) (Vespa / Lambretta)

Nut Washer Locking Kit SET of 10 (NORD LOCK - M8 mm, zinc plated) (For SIP Tubeless Wheel Rims) (Vespa / Lambretta)

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NORD- LOCK wedge security washers are new pathfinders on the market. This high quality screw security system offers additional security for high stress parts exposed to vibration.
The NORD- LOCK security system is made up of a pair of discs. Each disc has low, sharp edged teeth on the outer surface and on the inner, each other facing surfaces, so-called wedge surfaces. When installed, the screw/nut is tightened as usual. If the screw/nut tries to become loose, wedge surfaces on the contact inner sides hinder slippage. The wedge surface increases adhesion, primary tension is increased.
The advantages of this system are obvious: maximum security of nut&bolt connections, simple installation and removal. No additional bolt security necessary - under both dry and lubricated conditions. Surfaces are protected and the discs are reusable. Perfect for vibrating parts and rattling motors. A must have for brake calipers, tire rims, paneling, shocks, and, and, and.
Tip: during removal, more torque will be needed at first, because the wedge surfaces have to slide over each other. Nord Lock security discs are used without additional discs/spring rings, etc., otherwise the general functioning principles of the security system are cancelled.

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