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Bottle of White Wine Biancospino (Added Scooter Emblem) (11.5% vo) (750ml)

Bottle of White Wine Biancospino (Added Scooter Emblem) (11.5% vo) (750ml)

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A harmonious, intensively fruity fine Riesling, ideal for post ride-out get-togethers. 'Biancospino' happens to also be the Italian term for the hawthorn and is also the name of the most popular shade of white paint used for a number of classic Vespa scooters (code No. 715), such as the majestic GS 160 or the racy SS 180. Just right for our Riesling, the queen of white wines! Its mineral content suits meals with fish, other seafood, Asian cuisine, light pasta dishes and also poultry.

Drinking temperature : 9°C
6 – 8 years storage possible
100% Riesling grapes
growing area: Rhineland Palatinate, Nahe valley
11.5% vol., 75cl.

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