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Crankshaft MAZZUCCHELLI (stroke 58mm, conrod 107mm, pin 16mm, cone large 25mm) (Lambretta DL, GP)

Crankshaft MAZZUCCHELLI (stroke 58mm, conrod 107mm,  pin 16mm, cone large 25mm) (Lambretta DL, GP)
Crankshaft MAZZUCCHELLI (stroke 58mm, conrod 107mm, pin 16mm, cone large 25mm) (Lambretta DL, GP)

stroke 58,0mm, conrod 107,0mm, pin 16mm, cone large 25mm

The crankshaft is one of the most heavily used components on a scooter. It turns several thousands of times per minute, and the performance of an engine depends on its quality. Minimum production tolerances, high rev endurance, low bearing clearance and exceptionally high durability of the crankshaft are the basis for optimum engine tuning. For this reason we only offer crankshafts that are made in Italy and which convince through their uncompromising levels of quality.
The standard crankshafts have a stroke of 58mm and a 107 series con-rod. The TV175 is fitted as standard with the 116 series con-rod. Replacing the original 107mm with a 110m con-rod is possible in order to make the engine run more quietly. The longer stroke is balanced out by a 3mm base gasket.
The lighter racing crankshafts have a polished con-rod which contributes to reducing turbulence. When using a full circle crankshaft, the charge level and primary compression increase (for this reason we use the designation HPC = high primary compression). In combination with a long stroke of 60 or 62mm this results in further torque and also boosts performance. Both types of crankshaft are specially designed for peak performance and are also made from extremely high quality and hard wearing material. This means they are optimal for engines and high performance setups.
In contrast to the Vespa, the cone for the Lambretta is only available in two versions which can be swapped with each other. The larger cone (measured directly after the oil seal seat) was originally only in the engine of the DL/GP, the smaller cone on all the other models tapers directly after the oil seal seat to 21mm. Under high pressure and/or a high numbers of revs, however, enormous forces impact on the entire cone, which the small point of the 21mm cone is not always able to reliably withstand. As a rule, the following applies here: the thicker the cone, the more stable and/or more suitable for tuning purposes.

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